How does your solution work?

We do not stock or sell “off the shelf” filtration sets. Our solutions are custom designed specifically based on the water quality of your water source (BoreholeWell-point  other source). Before we can do anything we need to do a full chemical and biological analyses of the water.

Do you have some form of diagram that explains the principle and how your product is integrated  into the existing network?

Systems are custom designed and built on a skid frame. We can supply the ready built system with treatment tanks and installation plan. We unfortunately do not do the integration in independent  houses or irrigation systems.


What are the maintenance requirements for your systems?

Systems maintenance are dependent on the processes required to treat the water. The cost depends on the amount of consumables (dosing substrates or filtration media) and the specific hardware used as all of them have a service interval, which will be determined, by the water quality and the required process. 

For instance: We might have to dose a chemical to adjust the pH and corrosivity of the water. The saturation pH could be very high and that might cause the chemicals to be dosed at a higher rate. There are many such factors. We do try and use process that keeps the running cost as low as possible though.  


What are the installation costs associated with the Equilibrium Water solution?

The system is pre-built on a skit frame in our factory. For systems that are far away we give an installation plan which is basically the connection between the treatment tanks, the storage  and the system. Then the client or a local plumbing contractor can install it. We can then send out someone for commissioning.  Installation cost will be worked out on actual system cost, traveling at a fixed amount per hour and a fixed labor rate per hour as well as transport of the system and tanks to site. Accommodation also to be included if required. (Please note that all costs will be submitted on demand at it fluctuates with time)


What type of guarantee does Equilibrium Water offers on it solutions?

  • Warranties on parts– All parts are warranted according to the manufacturer warranty which ranges from 6 months to a year.

  • Guarantee on quality – We guarantee the quality of water (to Sans 241, WHO standards ) if the borehole quality does not change much. We do an analysis after we install/commission to make sure the quality is within the required specification. We can make small adjustments if the borehole quality does change but large changes of the quality may require more treatment and hence cost.

  • We guarantee the flow volumes as we spec the pumps and storage tanks accordingly.

  • All our systems are industrial quality so the reliability is fairly high. IF you require any references we can do this if required.


What is the estimated life span of the an installation?

The system consists of moving mechanical parts and electronics, maintenance and servicing of the mechanical equipment is necessary to prolong the systems lifespan. If properly maintained the system can last 20 years easily. (There will be the need to replace some individual parts and components from time to time as with a motor vehicle.)

How much does it cost?

Due to the nature of our Processes, we need to ensure all the steps are properly made to guarantee the outcome, and because we don't provide "off the shelve" solutions, a basic treatment is already a relatively expensive option compare to "common" solutions that will not guarantee a result as we do.

How do I proceed to take Water Sample? And where to send it to get it analysed?

We have developped a guideline to answer this question, available to download in our Resource tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

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