IRONOX Water Treatment System

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The earth's crust is composed of roughly 5 percent of Iron, as rainwater infiltrates the soil and underlying geologic formations, it dissolves the iron, causing it to seep into aquifers/groundwaters.

Iron is mainly found in two forms; either in soluble ferrous iron or in insoluble ferric iron. Water containing ferrous iron seem clear and colorless as the iron is completely dissolved but when exposed to air/oxygen, the water turns cloud-like and a reddish-brown substance begins to form.

This sediment (undissolved iron) is not hazardous to health but is considered a secondary or aesthetic contaminant.

​At 0.3 mg/l can cause water to turn a reddish-brown color and will leave reddish brown stains on walls, paving, fixtures and laundry that is very hard to remove.


When deposits separate from pipes, rusty water will flow through the faucet.

For appearance sensitive industries such as facilities management, iron stains can degrade a facility’s image; and for agricultural industry, iron can cause irrigation equipment and drippers to clog.


When iron binds with bacteria, a new kind of issue starts. To survive, the bacteria utilize the iron, leaving behind a reddish brown or yellow slime that can clog plumbing and cause an offensive odor.

Since iron binds with different type of organic materials, it may also exist as an organic complex; it can be found in shallow wells and surface water.

Treatment solutions begin with a test for iron concentration. Iron is absorbed by the water over time, so our treatment methods rather focus on adjusting the parameters which caused the absorption in the first place than focusing on the iron itself.


The IRONOX™ water treatment systems are designed to act as a very effective filtration step within a larger treatment protocol to remove excessive iron in water, ranging from as low as 1 mg/l up to 100mg/l.

The IRONOX™ systems cater for water volumes ranging between 10m3/day and 172m3/day, ideal for domestic, commercial and small scale industrial and agricultural use.


Custom designed systems can be developed for higher volumes.


  • Removes excessive Iron            

  • No extra chemicals used                               

  • No extra filters to be replaced                         

  • No maintenance required                       

  • Installed on existing borehole system

  • Improves water color

  • Prevent growth of algae and fungi

  • Enriches water with oxygen

  • Beneficial to crop and vegetation


​ Iron can be found in quantity greater than 10 mg/l or 10 ppm.

The effectiveness of the IRONOX filtration unit (like most treatment steps) dependent on the water quality. Oxidation and Adsorption are used to remove excessive iron from borehole water

Note: The water quality needs, most of the time, to be adjusted before putting it through the IRONOX Filtration unit. An automatic backwash system ensures self-cleaning of the IRONOX system. Sand filtration or 200-micron pre-filtration is recommended to prevent sand and big particles from the system.


The IRONOX™ water treatment system can treat water with an iron content of up to 100 mg / liter.


Standard applications Total Iron = 10: (Intermittent flow)

  • IRONOX-10 (Treats up to 10m³ / day)

  • IRONOX-48 (Treats up to 48m³ / day)

  • IRONOX-84 (Treats up to 84m³ / day)

  • IRONOX-172 (Treats up to 172m³ / day)


(Applications with high Iron content and bigger   volumes are possible, and require specialized design)

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