Here are some quick definitions of products we are offering, some are linked to Wikipedia in order to provide a more detailed explanation.

Rain Water

Rain water treatment are design according to your surrounding, please contact us for more details

Pool Water

We can offer a range of solution for your pool, replacing chlorine with UV/Ozone treatment, please contact us for more details

Grey/Black Water

We can take used water thought necessary steps in order to recycle the water for irrigation or even potable.

Treatment to comply with environmental requirements etc.

Borehole and Well-point water treatment

As the Western Cape is more and more drilling for water, clients are encountering various elements requiring treatments such as high level or Iron, creating staining, smell etc. Microbiological components needed to be removed, Sodium for boreholes near the sea etc.

Process Water | Cooling Tower

Process water is used for technical plants and processes, heat and power plants, and institutions.

Process water require a more advanced and extensive treatment in order to fit its specific characteristics.


Reserve Osmosis uses semipermeable membrane to remove ionsmolecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

  • Automated Mechanical Dosing

Automated Mechanical Dosing is an automated system that feeds the system with Products/Treatments. It is the ideal way to ensure the correct calibrated dose at the right time every time.

Used in treatments such as : pH Control

UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses UV Light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.

UVGI or UV Sterilisation is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air, and water purification.​

The closed recirculating water system is a methods used for the cooling in a closed system.

Water circulates and is subjected to alternate cooling and heating without air contact. Calories, absorbed by the water in the closed system, is normally transferred by a water-to-water exchanger to the recirculating water of an open recirculating system, from which the calories is released to atmosphere.

  • GeoThermal Fields

Geothermal fields uses the ground's temperature to heat of cool your water; can be used as Open or Closed systems.

Our products are manufactured with best-in-class materials, and assembled using the finest and most advanced techniques on the market. We are proud to put our stamp of approval on every one of our goods, and are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

Kindly note that we do not have pre-fabricated Water Treatment Processes as they are all custom made according to the client's Water Quality (From the source) Input and Output (Desired)

And more products such as :

  • Ozone :

    • Ozone for swimming pools

    • Ozone generators (Swimming Pools, Sterilisation etc.)

    • Ozone Injection Systems

    • Ozone for irrigation line cleaning

  • Ultra-Violet Treatments:

    • UV Water sterilisation

    • UV Air sterilisation

    • UV Surface Sterilisation

  • Pumps:

    • Pressure pumps

    • Borehole pumps

  • Controls and Automation:

    • Pump protection units

    • Electronic pump control units

    • Variable Frequency Drives

    • Automated pressure pump sets

    • pH Stab Anti-Corrosion Vessels

    • Automated Dosing units

    • Electro-Chlorinators

  • Iron Removal:

    • Ironox Iron Filtration systems

    • Ironox Iron Removal Systems

  • Others:

    • Solid separation &  Screening

    • Constructed Wetlands (Support and Third party assistance)

    • Irrigation dam rehabilitation

    • Fat traps and oil based pollution

    • Soil Remediation


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